Do Hardwood Flooring Lengths Really Matter?

gym-parquet-The-Natural-Wood-Floor-CoWhen you are looking for hardwood flooring to your space, there are so many questions and options available it sometimes can be difficult to take everything in. Obviously, it’s important to look at the ideal hardwood flooring for your project and lifestyle, however it is also important to research your floors businesses and have them expand on their hardwood flooring spans in greater detail.

The most common question we hear is:

What are the board lengths and do they even really matter once the floor is installed?

Board lengths play a huge role in earning your hardwood floor actually seem like a hardwood flooring. I understand, seems silly perfect? Many times, many producers and large box stores do not list their spans in a means that is readily available for us shoppers to locate. But why? I mean… in case it does not matter when the floor is laid, then why is there such a secret about these? We’re transparent about our board lengths and will gladly answer any questions regarding the item of choice!

We, naturally, enjoy long spans! I mean, that does not? They help create visual continuity on your space and really make an open and airy feel throughout your house. They create visual attention and draw your eye during the whole space, making them feel huge! We love how this works in small spaces! It’s this wonderful ability to take the room to the next level. Who doesn’t want to joyful dance whenever they get a 10′ board operating through their kitchen and living room?

Not merely are long spans super important, but having diverse lengths in your hardwood plays a huge role. All of our hardwood flooring comes in diverse lengths, oak-flooring-cornwallgiving you a good mixture of different board lengths throughout your floor. Not to brag, but the majority of these are still insanely long! This helps to make a natural looking wood floor and provides a fantastic visual flow throughout the space. Many manufacturers offer flooring that is offered in predetermined spans, i.e.’x’ amount in one length,’x’ level in a different or the entire flooring is in’x’ length. Typically, these are shorter lengths and it generates an extremely choppy and patterned floor. It appears to look like tile instead of hardwood and supplies a faux wood look (even if it’s actual wood!)

Wide Plank Flooring & Importance of Lengths

Having long lengths in wide plank flooring is really important. Going with a wider plank, you’re drawing attention to a flooring and making this kind of showpiece throughout your whole space. If you want to showcase your brand new 10″ strong white oak boards, you want to flaunt the grain pattern across the board, and the way it will help to elongate your distance. Going using a wide plank flooring with short spans creates an extremely choppy and unnatural looking flooring. Why is it that many wide plank manufacturers can market their flooring in boxes of 4′,6′, or 8′ long? If you can’t find the lengths, ask to see a box of this floors this will provide you a good idea of the lengths you should be expecting. We’d show you ours, but they really don’t come in boxes because that’s how long they are!

So if you are thinking of shopping around, ask more about the lengths and if they’re diverse or fixed lengths? If you can fit the flooring in the back of your smart car, chances are you will have an extremely choppy looking flooring.

Do Hardwood Flooring Lengths Really Matter?

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